Dependable Snow Removal in Spokane WA

We service residential and commercial properties and take care of all your snow removal needs.


Dependable And On Time

When it snows and you need your snow removed, count on us to get there quickly and the job done thoroughly.


One Time or Recurring Services

Whether you need a one-time service or assistance every time it snows, we will accommodate your needs.


Professional and Caring

Our professionals are knowledgeable and take great care to your property. We realize that plows are heavy machinery and our operators are all licensed and insured for your peace of mind. 

Snow Removal Spokane WA

Every winter has snowstorms, but if you want your home or business to be prepared, we are the one-stop snow removal service Spokane WA residents can count on. In addition to providing safety for you, your family or your customers, we also keep lawsuits to a minimum by helping you to keep all public walkways safe. Even during the heaviest storms, we can make your life easier by removing snow and ice for you. We also provide transparent pricing along with our 24-hour, seven-day-a-week snow removal services for the greater Spokane, Washington area. 

Along with using salt as a de-icing technique, we have sanding. We also use snow plows, snow blowers and good old-fashioned elbow grease with shovels to remove snow from your property. Our personnel are fully equipped to service residential and commercial areas, and we are not limited to private driveways, roadways or sidewalks. We know how to clear your snow and ice quickly. We have helped property owners feel confident the job will be done with our equipment, timeliness, dependability and skilled labor. To learn more about our services, keep reading. To get a quote about the services we can help you out with this winter, call us today.

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Snow Plowing

Let us remove all the snow from your property to get you on your way!



Winter can be dangerous for falls and fractures. Let us help remove your ice problem.



In order to keep from slipping, sanding can help remediate any ice problems.

sidewalk snow removal

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Let us help you by removing all your sidewalk snow so you can move freely about your property.

driveway plowing

Driveway Snow Plowing

Leave it to the professionals to get your driveway free of snow so you can park without worries!

parking lot plowing

Parking Lot and Commercial Plowing

If you have a commercial lot that needs plowing, don’t hesitate to call us today!

We’ve Been Plowing For Over 20 years


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Snow Plowing & Snow Blowing

Do you think that professional snow plowing and blowing services are out of reach? Whether you live on a private road or have a large commercial property, we have the expertise at a price you will appreciate. Our dependability and professional manner will help you feel confident that you can get out of your driveway each morning to go to work without extra hassle. When our snow plow operators show up, we also bring a team to tidy up the areas of your property that cannot be remedied with blowers or plows. We are also happy to help keep accumulation from forming by using sand and also de-icing techniques.

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Sidewalk & Parking Lot Management in Spokane / Commercial Plowing

Having unsafe conditions in the parking lot or roads leading up to your commercial property can be a nightmare for lawsuits. Alternatively, we can actively work to ensure that your parking lot is always free of snow and ice throughout the shopping day. At night, when big trucks come to deliver merchandise, we already have the roadway from the interstate to your property fully cleared of snow. Our proactive measures of using the icing and snowplowing ensure that when the temperature drops or accumulation forms, we are there with our teams to tackle the issue. By using professional liquid de-icer, we can assure you that your parking lot is wet, bare and completely safe the entire winter without the need for extra billing hours.

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Sanding To Create Better Traction

When snow has freshly fallen, one of the best ways to prevent traffic accidents is to sand the roads and parking lots. With our specialized calcium-based sand, we can ensure that you have the right tools you need even when the weather is at its coldest. This is especially helpful if you have large trucks dropping off supplies or picking up loads in the early hours of morning when the weather is the coldest. This means that you will not lose money because your items cannot be delivered or you cannot ship your merchandise out. This will also help your customers and cut down on the number of lawsuits associated with your property. In the long-term, having fewer lawsuits based around snow and ice issues will help reduce your overall property insurance premiums.

Most people love snow, but ice is where the real danger is. If you want to ensure ice is removed completely from your property and future accumulation is sorted, we have the team you need. Keeping a vigilant watch over these conditions are key in preventing car accidents but also slip and fall injuries. Both have been known to cost residents and businesses enormous sums. The truth is, they can be completely avoided. Along with removing snow accumulation, we also have additives we can use to prevent ice from forming under the snow. Our techniques come after years of experience on the job, and we stand by our word that we produce a worry-free winter for our commercial or residential clients. 

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    Services We Provide

    • Complete driveway snow plowing

    • Sidewalk entryway Snow blowing or plowing

    • De-Icing sidewalks and/or entryways

    • Scheduled plowing on snow days

    • Hassle-free snow-plowing service

    • Worry-free Guarantee

    • Commercial Snow Removal Services

    Residential Snow Removal for Seniors and People Living With Disabilities

    When you see Spokane snow removal websites focusing on commercial options, it can feel like there is no place for smaller, residential jobs. However, we look out for the little guy as much as we do for our commercial clients. For example, it can be difficult to help your family remove snow from their property when you live halfway across the country. If you are struggling with helping an older family member or someone living with disabilities to get the snow removal services they need, be sure to call us. We are more than happy to discuss all of the options with you so you can get the type of high-quality services your loved one needs to have a hassle-free winter in the Spokane area. .

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    Choose Us For Your Snow Removal Spokane Services 

    We aim to please, and we back up our services with a guarantee. For a better idea of how we can help with Spokane snow removal, call one of our friendly staff. We look forward to hearing from you, and we thank you in advance for choosing us. 

    Client Testimonials

    “We live on a hill and my husband absolutely hated shoveling when it snowed. When we decided to hire Spokane Snow Removal, it changed our lives completely!”


    “Spokane Snow Removal has been there every time it has snowed. They take care to be sure nothing is icy. Since we have two small kids, we don’t need any broken bones.”


    “These guys always show up on time and don’t delay when there is snowfall. I leave for work very early, so I need the snow removed and these guys are very reliable.”


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